Veteran’s Day Weekend Kicks Off Global Entrepreneur Week

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On November 1, 2011, the announcement came from the White House that President
Barack Obama had declared November as National Entrepreneurship Month. In that
proclamation, Obama spoke of the ‘Startup America’ initiative which he said would
make it possible for American entrepreneurs to become successful much faster as the
White House unlocks access to capital, cuts through the red tape, and provides more
chances for entrepreneurial education. Obama called for Americans to commemorate
the entire month of November with activities and programs which would honor
the entrepreneurial spirit. More of this announcement can be read here http://

Global Entrepreneurship Week

November was a good choice for the president to declare as National Entrepreneurship
Month, since Global Entrepreneurship Week comes in the same month. As Obama
recognized the upcoming week in his proclamation, it was the second year which the
White House had done so. Entrepreneurship Week starts on November 14, and comes
just as the Veteran’s Day weekend is coming to a close.

On November 11, which fell on Friday this year, people all over the country stopped to
honor our Veterans, whether fallen, active duty, or retired? Throughout the weekend
activities are scheduled to show our thanks to those who have served our country
during peace time or war. During the past week, Obama has also addressed the needs of
these Veterans, and announced new initiatives to help get them back to work. Veterans
are increasingly choosing to become entrepreneurs, and own their own businesses. At
this point in time there are over three million businesses in the United States which are
owned by Veterans, and now the White House has announced plans to help make this a
possibility for more of them.

Initiatives to Help Service Men and Women

On November 7, the ‘White House Blog’ stated that the president had announced new
initiatives to get more Veterans back to work. On November 8, the ‘Washington Post’
shared that the first report had been released from the Small Business Administration
from Veterans on Small Business Development. Eighteen different initiatives were
recommended in that report which the government should take to help more service
men and women to own their own businesses.

There were three main priorities that were covered in that report. It was suggested that
the White House make more opportunities for growth by cutting through the barriers,
provide more counseling for these veterans, and increase the microloan percentage
which is given to Veterans to make it match the overall percentage of businesses which
are owned by service men and women. A Veteran’s Entrepreneur Training program was
also suggested as was offering more marketing resources to them.

Veterans to Become Entrepreneurs

Thousands of service men and women are scheduled to come home from Iraq this
winter, to an economy which already has fourteen million unemployed Americans, with
eight hundred and fifty thousand of them Veterans. The unemployment rate for those
who have served in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq is 12.1 percent. This is quite higher
than the national average, which sits at nine percent. This type of market will likely push
even more Veterans to become entrepreneurs and strike out on their own instead of
trying to find work by traditional means.

As ‘Business News Daily’ shares, the chief counsel for the Small Business Association,
Winslow Sargeant states, “Entrepreneurship is a choice made by many of our men and
women in uniform when they move into civilian life. Knowing more about the factors
behind veterans’ self-employment offers opportunities to lay the groundwork for
successful ventures.”

We Owe it To Our Veterans

We as Americans owe it to our Veterans to support their efforts in entrepreneurship.
Many feel that our government needs to step up and offer more support for all
entrepreneurs, especially service men and women. As Terry Powell, founder and
chief of ‘Entrepreneur’s Source’ shares with ‘Business News Daily’, “If it wasn’t for the
veterans protecting our freedom, our companies wouldn’t be flourishing the way they

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