E-book Signing and Other Emerging Trends in Publishing Industry

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Publishing companies have always relied on traditional book signing to market newly published works. When two author-entrepreneurs, Trump and Kiyosaki appeared on a live chat streaming in Kiyosaki’s Facebook last Wednesday, October 5, to perform what their publicists refer to as the world’s first e-book signing, publishing companies may be seeing a new trend in marketing.

Trump and Kiyosaki, co-authors of “Midas Touch-Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich—Any Why Most Don’t,” is publishing the book this week in print and in e-book format. The innovative duo used iPad, along with the software Autodesk Sketchbook Pro to scribble their signatures. Through an application, the signatures were captured, downloaded and inserted in a unique signature page, which readers can see and will be able to download on their iPad. The virtual signed page was available for 48 hours, as a marketing effort to boost sales. The book is available in other formats such as Kindle and Nook.

By looking past the entire event being a marketing promotion, it can be surmised that the publishing industry is seeing trends not just in how books are getting published and marketed but also in how authors are piquing the interest of their target readers. E-books are now a big business, and according to reports from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, e-books are overtaking sales of books in print format. The phenomenon is quite similar to how downloadable music rendered CDs close to being obsolete.

Recent trends in e-books

According to the recently hired Technology Director of Rich Dad Company, Shane Caniglia, integrating technology in publishing and marketing is just a tip of the iceberg. Technology can be used to get and sustain readers’ interest in several ways and to forge a better relationship between the author and reader. E-books can be updated with new content and videos to maintain freshness.

Currently, readers are preferring e-books over printed books because of the convenience of the latter. However, it is only a matter of time before readers will be wanting more and will be buying e-books for special features. Eventually, the e-book technology has to evolve, and companies are realizing this. The race to create new features and incorporate it on e-book has begun. Publishers are feeling the pressure to present enhanced e-books to maintain a competitive advantage.

Samantha Adams, Communication Director of New Media Consortium, a non-profit company specializing in educational technology research, pointed out that it is easier now for publishers to create e-books in various formats and platforms, along with new special features, due to availability of new technology.

HTML 5 for example will make e-book production easy. This fifth version of HTML is still under development and aims to improve the structure and presenting content language with support for the most recent multimedia, while at the same time making the language easy to read by humans and understood in a consistent manner by computers and other devices. With HTML 5, readers will be able to experience the same picture quality seen in traditional books. It will also equip publishers the capability to create only one format for all e-readers with HTML 5.

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