Christian Entrepreneurs: The Distinction of Serving With a Purpose

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Rod Kirby says that purpose is very important to the Christian entrepreneur, and according to Paul Cooley, there are distinctions which set the Christian entrepreneur apart from any other. What is that purpose and what are those distinctions? More importantly, how you incorporate those ideas into your own business and life?
Making a Difference; Having a [...]

What Not to Do: Being a Successful Entrepreneur

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In a recent post from Bryan Binkholder, “The Financial Coach,” he mentioned the ‘Curves’ Franchise, and how it went from being one of the most successful fitness businesses in the country to a flailing company between 1992 and now. What did they do wrong? How could they have avoided such a collapse? What can you [...]

Charlie Palmer: Chef, Entrepreneur, and Author

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‘Foodie Chap’ quotes Chef Charlie Palmer as saying that being a Chef for him is about an unbridled passion for food. Palmer seems to take that passion with him into everything he does, from cooking, to writing, to business. He has received attention all over the globe for his “Progressive American” style of cooking, which [...]

Entrepreneur Walk of Fame Unveils Inaugural Class

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The announcement was made over a year ago that a walk of fame for entrepreneurs was coming to Kendall Square, located in Cambridge, MA. The walk would be similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The initial idea was to honor business leaders and top innovators in the same way that Hollywood stars and athletes [...]

Texas Entrepreneur Nina Vaca-Humrichouse Named as Startup For America Founding Board Member

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Nina Vaca-Humrichouse is an entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas and the Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Technical Resources. She was also named as a Founding Board Member at Startup for America in August, along with eleven of the most successful and highly respected entrepreneurs in the United States.
Since it’s launch at the White House back in [...]