Big Capitalists Prepare to Bid for Yahoo Inc.

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A consortium of big capitalists: Bain Capital and Blackstone Group, along with various Asian partners is getting ready to bid for Yahoo Inc. for a possible $25 billion deal.
The consortium includes Japan’s Softbank and China’s Alibaba. E-commerce giant Alibaba’s main interest in participating in the bid is rooted in its desire to buy back the [...]

Olympus Admits to Covering up Investment Losses

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November 8, 2011, Tuesday morning in Tokyo, Japan’s Olympus Corporation disclosed that the company has been using purchase of Gyrus, a British medical equipment company and other series of acquisitions as a means to hide security investment losses for more than two decades. The announcement resulted to the plummeting of Olympus shares down to 29 [...]

Trends and Opportunities for Small Business Companies and Entrepreneurs in the Sports Industry

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The sports industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world, generating billions of revenues annually. While major corporations or companies continue to dominate the industry, small business companies and entrepreneurs are also getting their own considerable share of the pie, thanks to emerging new needs generated by constant change in lifestyle, [...]

Biotechnology: Emerging Trends and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

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Just like any groundbreaking industry, the past of biotechnology has been marred with unrealistic expectations. Although each of the recent biotechnology startups seems to be an improvement from their past counterparts, these companies still appear to lean towards the tendency to overvalue their revenue projections and undervalue the breakeven time. They appear as if their [...]

Money! Money! Money! Money!

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Welcome to Entrepreneur Week Investor Entrepreneur Blog Site.   The essential ingredient of an entrepreneur’s existence!  At every stage of an entrepreneur’s existence money is essential.  The types (investment(equity), debt, operating, profit) and their related mix vary at the different stages of the entrepreneur’s development.  At startup, typically for the small private entrepreneur, the type is mostly a [...]