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The Entrepreneurweek.com Blog Plan is designed to consolidate access to information for entrepreneurs from various social fields.  Entrepreneurweek.com addresses a broad spectrum of social fields addressed all of which need capital in one form or another.  All along the development path to success, entrepreneurs are at some stage of needing/using capital.  Some need and injection of capital; some need advise; some need to manage it; still others need to invest it.  This information will encompass: events, organizations, capabilities,  policies, opportunities, services, databases, and other information resources.  Entrepreneurweek.com offers opportunities for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur investors to state their need/interest; interact; and possibly find mutual benefits.  Likewise, participating bloggers may have the opportunity to brand themselves through their blogging activity and eventually to start their own blog with help from entrepreneurweek.com.  Organizations who wish to get exposure to the various social fields of entrepreneurweek.com have the opportunity to advertise; contribute to the blog; become a sponsor/partner of the blog; a blog page; or and event. Additionally, one may take out a business directory listing with entrepreneurweek.com.  Use the menu to navigate around the network!

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