Kimberly Danek

After years in the corporate world, working for JP Morgan Chase Bank as a Risk Management Analyst, and Standard Chartered Bank as a Financial Advisor, Kimberly Danek left to pursue a career as a freelance writer. She offers a wide variety of business writing services, from press release and newsletter writing to copywriting and other professional copies for business purposes. Backed with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Cum Laude, and years of experience in banking and finance, Kimberly aims to reach out and share her expertise to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs through quality, easy-to-understand articles void of business and financial jargons.

Innovative Startups: Entrepreneurs Selling Bugs as Food

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With more Americans being open-minded in the types of food they eat, entrepreneurs are taking advantage and are venturing into innovative startups such as selling bugs as food.
Fear Factor, along with other TV shows popularized bug eating, maing it less taboo to some Americans. Human consumption of insects, or otherwise known as Entomophagy, is popular [...]

Cleantech Open Awards: Motivating Entrepreneurs to Go Green

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Cleantech Open Awards, a non-profit organization, has been rewarding entrepreneurs that espouse clean technology for six years running. The spotlight is on startups around the world that pursue innovation and clean technology in their inventions and systems. To date, 593 companies in the United States alone have finished the entrepreneurship programs of Cleantech Open, which [...]

Nest Learning Thermostat, iPod of Thermostats

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People in the world of gadgetry may know Tony Fadell as the brilliant designer of the iPod hardware. This 42-year old technologist also led the iPhone and iPod division prior to resigning from his VP position. After his resignation, there were assumptions on what his next step will be. Thermostat. Even his wife didn’t see [...]

Trends and Opportunities for Small Business Companies and Entrepreneurs in the Sports Industry

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The sports industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world, generating billions of revenues annually. While major corporations or companies continue to dominate the industry, small business companies and entrepreneurs are also getting their own considerable share of the pie, thanks to emerging new needs generated by constant change in lifestyle, [...]

Biotechnology: Emerging Trends and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

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Just like any groundbreaking industry, the past of biotechnology has been marred with unrealistic expectations. Although each of the recent biotechnology startups seems to be an improvement from their past counterparts, these companies still appear to lean towards the tendency to overvalue their revenue projections and undervalue the breakeven time. They appear as if their [...]