The Possibilities Are Endless

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For the individual who will dare to move beyond life’s potholes, broken pavement, steep hills, dangerous curves, past failures and dead ends, the future offers endless possibilities!  All it takes is faith in the vision that you have and faith in God.  Many times we base our future on what has or has not happened in the past and take the “already defeated before we even get started” approach.  But tell yourself “it’s a new day and the possibilities are endless.”  Stop for just a moment.  Take a deep breath.  Now look inside your heart.  What do you see?  Is it faith or is it doubt?  Is it possible or is it impossible?  Mark 10:27 substantiates that the possibilities are endless – “And Jesus looking upon them saith, with men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.”    Even if you doubt yourself, don’t doubt God.


Faith in God Is the Key

Faith in God is the confidence that many lack in fulfilling their life’s dream.  So often we depend upon ourselves or others only to be misguided and disappointed.  But with God…not without God, that which in times past was impossible is now possible.  God is the ultimate resource who will supply all that is needed to realize the vision.  I’d rather put my confidence and trust in God rather than in man.  You see, faith is a spiritual force that empowers you to fulfill the dream, to see it through.  It is not tangible; you can’t touch it or see it with the naked eye, but it is the substance that moves all doubt and fear.  It is the substance that has the power to cause the vision to become reality.  It enables you to draw creativity, strength, foresight, insight and endurance from an endless power and authority that we all lack on our own.  Faith sees the vision ahead of time and then takes the necessary steps to make it happen, knowing that the author and the finisher of faith and the vision is God! Faith says I can because God says I can.  Faith says it will happen because God says it will happen.  Faith says yes, this is possible because God says this is possible! 


Dare to Believe

The entrepreneur who will accomplish the impossible is the entrepreneur who dares to believe God.   Having faith in God is a matter of choice.  Your dream, your vision, your business deserves faith.  Stop putting your vision in the hands of man.  Don’t bank on the economy anymore.  Don’t be led by your feelings.  Don’t base your future on your past.  Forget the broken pavement and dead ends.  There is no magic formula for realizing the vision.   Look inside your heart and believe.  Know that God who lives in you is well able to do more than you alone or you and others together could ask or think.  Yes, it is possible and the possibilities are endless…with God!


Billie is the Senior Associate minister at The Greater Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, author and contributor at blog.  Follow Billie on twitter at @BillieHanes.  She may be reached at

Billie Hanes

Rev. Billie D. Hanes, daughter of the late Billie Robena Parks Douglas and the late John Doc Douglas, Sr., was ordained to ministry in 1998. Born again in 1977, Rev. Billie has sought to share the message of salvation and life in Christ since her new birth experience. A native of Kannapolis, NC, the 9th of 10 children, Billie was raised in a home in which God was honored and worshiped and was the center of many family activities. She has ministered in song and dramatic presentations with her siblings for many years. A conference speaker and host, Rev. Billie is married to Bishop Franklin O. Hanes, Sr. They reside in Durham, NC. 


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