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Job Creation: Why Entrepreneurship Benefits the Economy

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As the 2012 Presidential Election draws closer, Republican politicians in America are
taking to the stage to share their ideas on ways to benefit the country’s economy.
During his three years in office, the Democratic president has repeatedly promised
job creation to a frightened nation whose citizens are facing economic crisis. But as
the United States stands through the [...]

Industry Insight: Profitable Industries for New Entrepreneurs

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The current economic slump is affecting people’s confidence to venture into any kind of business. However, like in any other challenges, there are opportunities present, and it is just a matter of knowing where to look for them. While some industries have seen better times, there are still some industries seeing unprecedented growth and are [...]

Trends and Opportunities for Small Business Companies and Entrepreneurs in the Sports Industry

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The sports industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world, generating billions of revenues annually. While major corporations or companies continue to dominate the industry, small business companies and entrepreneurs are also getting their own considerable share of the pie, thanks to emerging new needs generated by constant change in lifestyle, [...]

Greener Vessels Creating Opportunities for Maritime Entrepreneurs

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The maritime industry continues to see growth and is becoming more environmentally aware, creating more opportunities for maritime entrepreneurs. With the different markets of the world becoming progressively more interconnected, transportation is showing more reliance on the maritime industry.
Factors Influencing Demand for Green Vessels
There are several factors driving innovation in the maritime industry and [...]