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“Entrepreneurial Jobs” – The Cure for an Ailing Economy

Small Business Apprenticeships – Just What the Doctor OrderedRecession?  Recovery?  Depression?  Who knows what we’re in.  The one thing most people can agree on is . . . we need more jobs.  And, we need to train more people for different kinds of jobs.
Apprenticeships were once popular for teaching people trade skills.  I personally was [...]

Why Should You Franchise Your Business?

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Why is it a good idea to franchise your business? How popular is franchising? What are some valid reasons to franchise? In this article, we will consider these questions and more as we learn why franchising is a good plan for you. Franchising is being used by more businesses today than it ever has. According [...]

Novotorium Helping Entrepreneurs to Grow Their Businesses

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According to a report from ‘The San Francisco Chronicle’ Novatorium was extremely
busy during it’s first six months of existence, helping many entrepreneurs to get
started with their dreams. General Manager, Mike Krupit explains that they have
done so through their programs which are both productive and innovative. Mike calls
himself the “survivor” of six prior startups.
Krupit explains the [...]

Characteristics Which are BAD for Entrepreneurs

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In a previous www.entrepreneurweek.com article, characteristics that are common amongst entrepreneurs were discussed. Although those characteristics were all positive ones, there are quite a few of them that could be challenges for entrepreneurs as well. A few of those characteristics are here in this article.
Although many people have the misconception that perfection is something [...]

What are the Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur?

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Entrepreneurship is a word that is becoming more and more popular as the people of America, as well as around the globe, try to find ways to become successful while solving the serious issues plaguing the nation and the world. The President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has mentioned entrepreneurship many times in [...]

Entrepreneurship: Start Off Slow, Build Up Strong

With the state of the economy all over the world, and the jobless rate continuing to rise, many people are turning toward entrepreneurship as a way to take care of themselves as well as their families. Many of these people are striving to find a way to maintain an income in a jobless time. But [...]

Low-Budget Ways to Successfully Market Your Startup


For many entrepreneurs, the marketing budget for their startup is not very large. In many cases, it is non-existent, which leaves them feeling hopeless about being able to market their service or product properly. In many cases, the only marketing strategy which they have at all is word of mouth, which is good, but not [...]