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Biotechnology: Emerging Trends and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

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Just like any groundbreaking industry, the past of biotechnology has been marred with unrealistic expectations. Although each of the recent biotechnology startups seems to be an improvement from their past counterparts, these companies still appear to lean towards the tendency to overvalue their revenue projections and undervalue the breakeven time. They appear as if their [...]

Recession Brings Rise in Number of Student Entrepreneurs

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A report from ‘’ shares that the state of Oregon has been seeing a rash of student entrepreneurs popping up at campuses all over, in hopes of creating their own job market. With the state of the economy, complete with pay cuts and lay-offs, these kids are tapping into their own strengths in order to [...]

Entrepreneurship and how to get success in Corporate as an Entrepreneur


An entrepreneur is a proprietor or manager of a business venture who makes capital through risks and initiatives. An entrepreneur guides the organization or enterprise and also exhibit leadership qualities by selecting administrative staff. There is a simpler fact about entrepreneur that he makes use of his team members’ management skills to make money and profits for [...]

Emerging Areas of Opportunities in the Healthcare Field

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The healthcare field is gaining reputation as an emerging hotbed for entrepreneurs. The new legislation is opening up several areas of opportunities, possible gold mines, so to speak, which entrepreneurs can take advantage of and potentially succeed. Some of these opportunities are projected to come from Health IT, clinical areas, preventative care, [...]

Christian Entrepreneurs: The Distinction of Serving With a Purpose

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Rod Kirby says that purpose is very important to the Christian entrepreneur, and according to Paul Cooley, there are distinctions which set the Christian entrepreneur apart from any other. What is that purpose and what are those distinctions? More importantly, how you incorporate those ideas into your own business and life?
Making [...]

DeNita Turner, Entrepreneur: Reaping What You Sow

DeNita Turner

According to DeNita Turner, the number one thing to remember in order to be successful in the hospitality entrepreneurship field is to always give excellent service. She suggests to the students of Johnson & Wales University that they always be consistent, ask lots of questions, and above all else, listen to their customers or clients.
Turner [...]

Being a Successful Entrepreneur: What NOT to Do

What Not to Do

In a recent post from Bryan Binkholder, “The Financial Coach,” he mentioned the ‘Curves’ Franchise, and how it went from being one of the most successful fitness businesses in the country to a flailing company between 1992 and now. What did they do wrong? How could they have avoided such a collapse? What can you [...]

Charlie Palmer: Chef, Entrepreneur, and Author

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‘Foodie Chap’ quotes Chef Charlie Palmer as saying that being a Chef for him is about an unbridled passion for food. Palmer seems to take that passion with him into everything he does, from cooking, to writing, to business. He has received attention all over the globe for his “Progressive American” style of cooking, which [...]